Tourist information

The staff at the Haus am Kellerplatz have plenty of useful tips on visitor attractions, outings and all the latest events. Excursions, such as nature and cultural history walks, can also be booked here. Maps and brochures for the entire northern Burgenland area are also available. 


A food and drink paradise

The romantic wine town lies on western shores of Lake Neusiedl, on the sunny slopes of the Leitha Mountains. Wonderfully relaxed holidays can be enjoyed here in the heart of an idyllic World Heritage Site. In the historic heart of the town, every building and every square has a story to tell: of the siege by the Turks ...[more]

Visitor attractions in historic Purbach

The emblem of Purbach rises above the chimney of a small house on the main road heading towards Breitenbrunn. [more]

Leisure time: action, sports and adventure

The three-hour Leitha Mountains themed walks visit the most attractive sites in the area and are led by trained guides who are very knowledgeable about local plants and animals and familiar with the history and customs of the entire region.[more]