Wine festivals & wine tours

Wine festivals with a pleasant ambiance

Wine festivals with a pleasant ambiance

Opening of wine taverns in the historic Kellergasse: 1st Saturday of every month
Wine opening: open cellars day involving around 20 winegrowers in April
Martiniloben: open cellars day involving around 20 winegrowers in November 

The wine taverns of the Kellergasse

It is certainly one of the prettiest lanes of wine cellars on Lake Neusiedl. At the foot of the Leitha Mountains, 50 cellars belonging to the winegrowers of Purbach serve as stores, restaurants and wine taverns. Make the opening of the Kellergasse wine taverns a fixed date in your diary on the 1st Saturday of every month between May and October. Enjoy a party atmosphere, music, food and drink. The winegrowers invite you to join them from 4 pm for the best food and drink that Purbach has to offer. 

Tour of the Kellergasse followed by wine tasting at the Leithaberg wine shop in Haus am Kellerplatz!

A tour of the historic lane of wine cellars. Afterwards sample local wines and learn everything you need to know about the history and soils of the region at the Leithaberg wine shop.
Price per person € 9, lasts 1.5 – 2 hours, daily. Please book in advance.
Minimum numbers: 6 people

Rent a vine: try your hand at growing your own grapes

Not only does Purbach am Neusiedler See continually produce leading winegrowers, you can get involved too. Rent 100 vines in the best location for one season. With tasks both out in the field and in the cellar, work alongside the winegrowers on 6 occasions and you'll receive 100 bottles of your "own" wine with customised labelling as a reward.

The guided World Heritage wine tour

Travel through the Lake Neusiedl winegrowing region on foot, by bike or by bus. A wine seminar during the tour teaches you all about winegrowing. You will visit two or three leading growers in the expert company of wine guide and winegrower Reinhold Schwarz from Kloster am Spitz in Purbach. Gain in-depth insight into the practical aspects of wine-making. Sample 6 – 8 wines from the current range and discuss their characteristics.

Historical and cultural monuments can also be visited on request.
Wine trips lasting 1 – 7 days available.

Purbach wine cellar visit

What does a functional wine cellar look like? You will visit two very different examples: one from the Middle Ages and a state-of-the-art equivalent. Wines can be sampled in each cellar. A tour of the historic town centre is also included. The cellar visit ends with a hearty snack in the prettiest lane of wine cellars in Austria.